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How to make the most from your bi-weekly meetings:

  • Arrive early to network before the business of tips and leads starts. Networking is all about building relationships so take the time to let other members get to know you.
  • Sit at a different table each week.
  • Bring guests and introduce them to members who may need their services.
  • If you have to be absent from a meeting, send your alternate.
  • Be visible and vocal.
  • Clearly define your classification. A very specific classification allows more memberships to be available to other companies that may benefit your business.
  • Ask for the opportunity to quote on members’ needs for products and services.
  • Don’t assume other members know enough about your business to recommend you. Take time to clearly communicate your products and services, and suggest who would be a good lead for you.

How to make the most from your contacts outside of meetings

Contact RDLEA members and arrange a meeting to find out more about their business.

  • Drop in on other members if you happen to be in their neighbourhood
  • Actively seek out general leads that may benefit other member businesses. Your efforts will be remembered
  • Give superior service to other RDLEA members to give them a reason to recommend you
  • Attend RDLEA social functions and special events. It will give you an opportunity to build a relationship with other members in a casual environment
  • Participate on RDLEA committees. It’s a great way to get to know other RDLEA members
  • Follow-up on general leads. Many success stories start with this simple task

Member Responsibilities

In our mission to promote good business in an atmosphere that adheres to high standards of business practices and professionalism, the RDLEA asks all members to:

  • Always represent your firm with honesty and integrity
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings or whenever possible, send an alternate
  • Share leads and contacts with RDLEA members
  • Act on direct leads and contacts from RDLEA members
  • Provide information and assistance to other member firms when requested
  • Encourage, solicit and receive business from other member firms
  • Recommend RDLEA member firms to associates, employees, friends and family.

Classification Information

  • A trade, business or profession designated by the Board of Directors to be a Classification in the Association.

What is a member?

A member is classified as:

  • A senior representative of a corporation or owner or part owner of a firm, which corporation or firm is the Holder of a Classification in the Association, who is admitted as a Member in accordance with this Constitution, OR
  • A self employed member of a profession who is the Holder of a Classification

Attendance Requirements

  • A Member is required to maintain an attendance record of sixty (60%) percent within any six (6) month period and cannot miss three (3) consecutive meetings


  • Luncheon meetings are held every 2nd Thursday from 11:45am – 1:00pm at the Red Deer Golf & Country Club

Membership Dues

The current membership fee is $550.00 per annum, or $275.00 due July 1st and a post dated cheque for $275 dated on or before December 1st.

If you know of a business that may be interested in becoming a
Red Deer Leads Executive Association member, please Contact Us